First things First…

Since I started my own Recipe Challenge, there’s just no stopping me. Really, I tried after February was over, and I was a bit out of place. To think 28 days doing something snapped me into some sort of system…well it did.
First thing noticed, while making my shopping list I had no idea what I was planning for the entire week for meals. Usually I’d plan at least 4-5 meals a week before, while leftovers took up the other days in between. During my challenge I had everything, planned around what that days new recipe was going to be, pasta one night, we had to have light sides, heavy soups, needed a healthier bread. When I made Cake, we needed a super light healthy meal. It kicked my butt into gear on planning the in betweens’ so everything else balanced out. For those that don’t know, Fred my husband, is diabetic.So meals must be planned around that. While four kids, need to learn to eat healthy as well. The Challenge gave me a brighter more creative way to go about all that.

Second, my shopping trip ended up being a complete screw up when I had to go back 3 more times during the week to pick things up.
The entire month of February I knew what was going to be made, day to day, whether it was a new side, a new main meal or a snack for the kids. It was known, so my list was very well organized. Nothing was forgotten, didn’t have to run back out to pick up a missing ingredient.

Last thing noticed, was a huge, huge thing. Everyone ate their dinner! Maybe because it was new, possible because I was excited, who knows. All I know is, there was no food wasted the ENTIRE month!! If there were leftovers, they were eaten up quickly the next day. Not a darn scrap was wasted.
My own personal fun, spur of the moment Challenge will from now on be how I cook & bake around here.
I will first start posting all of the recipes that were done for the challenge. šŸ™‚