My Grandmothers Snack Crackers

Addiction in a jar! No joke! Once you take one bite of these awesome little kick in the mouth crackers, there’s no stopping you! Growing up whenever my family would go visit our Grandparents house (Dad’s side, though my Mom’s Mother had a pretty darn awesome line up herself whenever we went there!), My Grandmother always had a big jar full of these freshly made. Oh! What a site to see. So many memories of sneaking handfuls of these crackers. It’s funny, cause now my kids do the same thing I always did. HA. That will teach me.
   These are easy, but they also need to sit for a day.I know, the waiting kills you, but if you tasted one an hour after you made it, you’d see why you need the waiting. Now on with the addicting cracker recipe, seriously try to share these.

2 (12oz) boxes  oyster crackers (flat ones)
1 pkg. Hidden Valley original ranch dressing (dry)
1/2 tsp. garlic, granulated (1 tsp. is better)
2 Tbsp. dill weed (oh how I love dill!)
1 c. coat oil
salt to taste

Place crackers in large glass jar (doesn’t work very well in plastic) with seal able lid. Pour other ingredients onto crackers, making sure oil is last. Mix thoroughly. Seal. Shake often for 24hrs. Taste and add salt, 1/2 to start, then by the shake until salted to your taste (I find I never have to add more salt, and if your restricting your salt, don’t add anymore either) Eat & enjoy, this needs no baking 🙂