My kitchen had a very busy day yesterday!

Bes, came to life yesterday! We canned carrots. Those of you who don’t know who Bes is, she’s my pressure canner ! Finally the day has come to can. I was excited to get things going, but had lots of other things to do as well yesterday.
   I picked that Mutant squash while getting the carrots (alot of carrots came from a friend, it made almost 5lbs all together) and other zucchini, it was very busy in my kitchen. This is all that I made from just one days worth of picking. Now tell me all that hard work in the garden isn’t worth it? That’s Zucchini bread, 8 jars of carrots, and 2 carrot, and zucchini garlic quiche that came out of my kitchen.

Lots of work, but totally worth every second! I’ll be posting the recipe or the instructions for canning the carrots in a bit, I’m enjoying a nice cool day here with the kids. We see tomatoes growing, more squash, cucumbers, peppers are growing very well, so are the all the other vegetables we have. After a rough and questionable start, we’re just booming with life in the garden 🙂
Happy carrots!
Aren’t they just pretty?
I’ll post instructions most likely tomorrow, the day must be enjoyed outside!
Enjoy your day!

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