Sinful Treats

This started out coming together in my head after I flipped through a magazine again at the store.I usually flip through one or two while the kids pick out their drinks but this time I had no kids with me. None. Zilch. Nada, Zero! That to me right there is a vacation.A Mommy Vacation. It hasn’t happened since last year so you can bet I took my sweet Mommy time walking around the store. It was odd though, whenever I turned and normally saw my kids weaving back and forth through the aisle asking me “Mom, can I have this? What about this? How about those? Oh Mom you have got to get me this!” I saw nothing. The whole concept of actually getting the food only on your list, and neatly piled into the car came to light that day as well. Never happened before. No one yanked stuff out of bags, no one opened a carton of milk or orange juice to try to drink in the car, no grapes everywhere either. I sat in the car for another few minutes trying to figure out what that noise was humming through my head.That humming was ME!
    This is when my idea really came together. I wanted something yummy, something that would take me back to that moment where no kids where creating chaos, back to my vacation moment, where all was calm. Now you tell me, does this not just take you into your own little moment?

It’s homemade cinnamon  raisin bread toasted with heaven inside! It was good, now stop licking the screen!

You don’t have to make cinnamon bread if you don’t want too, but I really enjoy homemade. Plus it makes your house smell divine all day long.

Now for the Sinful treat part! Cinnamon Raisin S’more Sandwich
I didn’t really measure anything for this, it’s just making a sandwich but don’t over do it with anything or you’ll have a mess on your griddle. What you need-
slices of cinnamon bread
Marshmallow creme
Hot griddle or frying pan
I took slices of cinnamon raisin bread and covered one side with Nutella, the other slice with the creme to make a sandwich. Butter the outsides of the sandwich and place on hot griddle or frying pan.
Cook it like grilled cheese 🙂
There you have it, one Sinful Delicious Treat!
Stop licking the screen already!


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