Busy Mondays!

Mondays are always busy aren’t they?

There’s recipes to be typed, enough to last anyone a good long week, but I’m so swamped with stuff to do at the house. My Husband just built another bookcase for all the endless books we seem to have.We’re still moving things around and the books keep getting disorganized by little hands. The kids are constantly messing them all up, I don’t know why I keep trying to organize them when I know they will just get out of order within an hour. Besides the books everywhere, the garden is blooming and keeping me busy as well as the kitchen busy. The kids started school two weeks ago but we’re still getting used to running back and forth. No recipes today, but thought I’d share a few pictures with you! I’ll have some fresh garden recipes all this week so don’t forget to check back in!

He’s cutting the holes for the bookcase
Edges to be made
Tools need a break too!
The color is rich in person, I can’t seem to get the light to come out in the pic. It’s so smooth and it’s the 4th one, yes 4th! We have alot of books!:)
A Praying Mantis we found
Another one was in the chives!
Some of my sunflowers, this ones all bushy, I love it!
Just about to open:) The very next morning it was wide open!
I love the red ones!
The heirloom tomatoes! I love the different tastes, I’m saving seeds again for next years garden. If you get a chance to plant some heirlooms, I highly recommend it!
A days picking last week
Yellow Squash, oh so yum! That’s a surprise cucumber that grew out of no where behind it 🙂
The garden is a mix of green and red right now, everything is getting bigger as well as ready to pick!
I’d be here all day with more pictures so I’ll stop here 🙂
Last but not least the Giveaway Winner!!

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7 thoughts on “Busy Mondays!

  1. Grace

    Loved your photos. I could tell the book case is beautiful even if you didn't think it photographed as well as it looks in person.

  2. Jill

    What wonderful pictures! I love the bookshelf! we feel the same here, so many books and so little space! LOL Have a great week!

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