Kicking it into gear

School is just around the corner for us, in fact it’s 17 days away. I’ll have two in, two out this year and boy will it be none stop. It’s a trip, not just a quick drop off, or pick up, the school isn’t like that, they don’t allow parking near the school, so simply getting them to and from,will be a Trip! I’m tired just thinking about it!

One sure way to get my kids up and going in the morning is a quick tasty breakfast.Half the time they aren’t hungry, so I’ve become creative on getting something in their hands before we have to pack and go.

Although they can be messy, these have been a quick put together snack breakfast for the kids in the morning.
 I call them fruit wraps.

These are the two we make often
Spread about 2-3 TBS of Nutella on a Whole Wheat Tortilla (cover the whole thing, but don’t use too much)Take a whole or sliced banana; lay in center. Slice and halve strawberries; to lay around or on banana, and close up wrap. Cut in half.
Spread about 2-3TBS Peanut Butter onto a Whole Wheat Tortillas
 Thinly slice apples and halve them; lay them in a center line topped with raisins. Close to wrap, cut in half.
 We found the pair of Nutella with Banana/Strawberries works best, but you can use the Peanut Butter just as well, you make it to your liking.There’s different fun ways to do it them. My daughter loves to spread yogurt on a tortilla and I cut up peaches for her to lay in there. A bit more messy, but all the same, good quick snack.

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  1. thepunkrockmom

    These fruit wraps look amazing! I will have to try them for my oldest little guy soon. He'll eat em up for sure!

    Thx for following me! And the favor has been returned! 😀


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