Kids choice Again!

Summer brings BBQ, quick meals and salads of all kinds out of the kitchen. It get’s super hot here in CA so during the summer months we are doing everything we can to never turn the stove on. Unless, that is, bread needs to be made,Or cinnamon buns,or a roast. Alright, OK, so I’m not that good at keeping the stove off! Which is probably why the top oven to the double oven isn’t working. It needs to be replaced. 🙁
It’s not on everyday though,really do try to only use it in the morning for breads, and use the slow cooker whenever I can. Stove top is even better, which brings me to the Kid’s Choice summer meal.

The only thing the parents needs to do, is cook the beef, the rest is up to the kids. Try to line everything up so they can make their own, sort of like a buffet, my kids love being able to put only what they want in the salad taco. (cause you know if You put it on, they hate it. It’s something entirely different when they put it on)

It’s as easy as it sounds, Salad Tacos

1lb of ground beef, or turkey cooked and drained, season with your choice of seasonings-taco seasonings, chili powder, or even a packet of Lipton’s, Onion soup/dip mix. It doesn’t really matter, we use whatever is on hand.
**You can use left overs easily, roast, chicken, turkey, even fish. Vary your toppings with the choice of meat and you are set to go!**
Lettuce -We used Romaine because it’s long and easier to use for tacos.

As for toppings, I normally set out about a cup of each
-Black beans
-Kidney beans
-corn relish (corn with diced red peppers as well as onions)
-Shredded sharp Cheddar cheese
-A blend/mix cheese of different types. They have some for taco’s, the kids like the Italian four cheese blend
-Julienned Peppers
-diced Tomatoes

Line it all up, and have your kids lay the meat right down the middle of the Lettuce

Then have them top it off with whatever toppings they want. It’ll be a messy taco dinner, as taco’s always are, but go for it. Kids are messy, that’s a fact you need to live with. Make it known for this meal it’s OK to be messy. My 3 year old got upset when hers fell apart, I picked up my own and some of the fillings fell out, started to pick it up and eat it with my fingers. OH the horror!!! Yes, my fingers, seriously, when you make a meal just for kids, let them be kids. They need it, be ok with a mess on the plate. My daughter beamed a huge smile after that, and ate two lettuce tacos all by herself. They’re eating, that’s what counts, throw down your Clean shield and be ok with a little mess  for a night 🙂 Be a kid again!