When in doubt, Broil it!

My kids are fans of sandwiches, well really who isn’t? After awhile though, they can be boring, and you are repeating the same ones over and over. My simple solution, Broil it !

This is an open faced Roast Beef Pepper sandwich.

Another super easy thing the kids can put together themselves, you can either broil it or pop it into the microwave till the cheese melts. Either way is fine, I like it broiled on toasted rolls or buns.

Rolls, or Buns
Thinly sliced Roast beef
Mayonnaise or mustard, or sandwich spread of choice
Julienned sliced peppers
Cheese mixture, like four cheese or just shredded mozzarella
Pepper to taste

Have the kids toast their bun or roll and pick out what they would want ontop, instead of a knife to use with the spread give them a spoon, making it easier for them. Have them lay the roast beef ontop, doesn’t matter how it goes on, plop it on it doesn’t matter.

 Top it off with peppers and the cheese. If they don’t like peppers, go for something like bacon bites, or chives, tomatoes. Broil for about 1-3 minutes  or until cheese is melted and slightly golden. Or if you want it faster microwave it for 30secs at a time till the cheese is melted.
   After a long day, sometimes sandwiches are all anyone is up for. Getting the kids into making it, makes them excited to eat it, and if you are lucky they may even clean up as well!(ok that’s a stretch but it’s a nice thought!)
More often than not my kids are more willing to try things when they get to prepare it with me!So get the kids into the kitchen with you more often! Enjoy another simple sandwich!

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