Creating A Monster!

We made some Pom-Pom Monsters 🙂 These are super easy, and they aren’t just for Halloween either but I thought I’d share. If your planning on a Halloween party this could be a fun craft for the kids to do.

 I used some big and small colored pom-poms for the Monster’s body. The rest is anything you’ve got, buttons, smaller balls, feathers, pipe cleaners for the legs and arms, confetti and other simple shapes. The kids had a blast with it, and they came out so cute!

We glued on the arms and legs, just simple pipe cleaners.
My Son Taped them on, he tried taping everything on again!I’m still not sure if his is 4 armed, or 4 legged, either way he did a good job!  
My Daughter gave hers a cute flower hat!

One Starry eyed Flower Monster

Meet my sons 3 eyed, 4 armed Monster!
There’s no limit to what you can use, and really no limit to what the kids can come up with! Have fun and enjoy getting sticky with the kids 🙂

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