EcoStore USA Review

Rare is a label that you can pronounce all the items on it’s ingredients list. Half of them unknown, the other half scary enough it makes you cringe. From cooking, to simply cleaning, I’ve changed the way I do things.
My attempts to go green have moved slowly but none the less have moved forwards.
 With four kids, four very active kids there’s always a mess. They eat non-stop, they make a mess non-stop, they get hurt left and right and what does a Mom do? I myself can’t use cleaners, or most of them as I get a skin reaction, or my eyes start burning. Three out of my four children have sensitive skin and simply being in the same room as a certain cleaner or even candle burning will cause something to happen. In the past eight years, things have flipped upside down as far as what I bring into the house.

 My children come first, with them in mind I’ve searched high and low for friendly items that will be safe and comforting to use in and around the house. Not just friendly for the earth, but friendly to us in the long run!
 From diapers, to simple soap and lotion to things I use in the garden for our own vegetable garden, I’ve come across some wonderful products that I’m proud to be able to use.

The past month I’ve been reviewing two items from EcoStore USA. Not having to worry about toxins or chemicals that will bother someones skin is amazing. I’ve tried more than anything to stop using my dishwasher and do things by hand (not always possible, but I give it my best) We use a lot of dishes, but have you ever read the things used to clean those dishes?! Ever see the residue on those dishes you eat with!? That irks me beyond anything, it’s really horrible to think about my children eating off of things like that. Or me for that matter. EcoStore USA has become a new tried and true product in our house, and I plan on sticking with them for all my other uses.

My first product from Ecostore USA is the Dishwash Soap.

   Used everyday, it’s gentle on my hands, yet it’s keeping my dishes super clean. It doesn’t take much either to get a whole sink full of dishes done! This one bottle is still pretty full for the amount of dishes I wash everyday. It has a wonderful smell, yet not over powering and it’s completely plant based. I love that I don’t have to slap on lotion after each sink ful of dishes washed, and no redness from using it so much either. Normally I end up putting lotion on and that stings my skin so much due to the left over dish washing soap. It feels just like putting lemon juice on a paper cut, it stings that much. With the Ecostore Dishwasher soap it hasn’t happened once! I’m very grateful to find a gentle cleaner I can use without worry.

The second product I was extremely excited to use was the Baby Shampoo. My youngest has many reactions to several soaps and washes, even if they are for sensitive skin. I was hoping this would be a keeper, and it is! It’s got a wonderful scent, and so soft! I use it with all the kids and I couldn’t be happier with it. Plant based and no nasty chemicals, I don’t have to worry about anything irritating any ones skin. No dyes at all either. Yet another worry off my back when I reach for this bottle. It’s a lot to worry about and stress over when you’ve got children with sensitive skin. Though it’s not “for” sensitive skins, or made for it either, my personal use out of this has been there’s just no reaction from it’s use. So this Shampoo is here to stay!

EcoStore USA has many products, from baby care, bath & body, pet care, even your garden as well as household products! They have spent more than 15yrs perfecting plant based products which are better for your families health as well as our own planet.
 Say no to Nasty Chemicals and find some new green products you can feel safe about using in your home with your families!

*I received the items mentioned above from EcoStore USA to provide an honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation, and I was not required to write a positive review. Any opinions expressed are my own.*