Foods-On Picnic Kit Review

Don’t you love picnics? There’s always something to do. You have your games that go side by side with a picnic, you’ve got your hamburgers, hot dogs, or BBQ. Everything else comes in jars, or is Tupperware portable as well as easily packable. It just says fun no matter how you look at it.

 I was delighted to be able to try out Food’s- On Wind resistance picnic kit! I can’t decide which is my favorite part of the kit. It comes in a backpack made of mesh and with a drawstring to keep it closed up tight. Ready and easily transportable the backpack fits a good amount of all the supplies you’ll need to enjoy a day out at the park!

 The kit comes with 6 cups, cup holders, plates as well as plate holders, your napkins, utensils and a tablecloth with clips so it won’t be blowing away! Not to mention a trash bag to help with clean up! There’s even a little pouch inside the backpack to keep your tablecloth clips so you won’t lose them. This gear is completely fun as well as a breeze to use!

The bottom half of the bag is insulated for all your cold items , I’ve put ice packs and loaded up drinks in it that kept cold through one of the hottest days this year! It’s easy to get too as well as when there’s nothing in it, it just squashes down. No waste of space at all! The top, where you keep your supplies holds little sandwiches containers as well as a few bags of snacks. We used this on our own picnic, as well as a Walk-A-Thon this week that was easily accessible when ever the kids needed a drink or a quick snack. I am loving the bag in itself, but the wind resistance kit has so much more to offer.
The cups Velcro right to the tablecloth, but not so much that your fighting to pull them up for cleanup. It’s just enough that my kids didn’t knock anything down and neither did the wind! The plates do the same thing as well. You know how every five seconds someones spilling something? The only spilling that happened was when my three year old tipped the ketchup upside down on the tablecloth. Not a drink was spilled, so I love the cup holders. While my four kids put this kit to the test they haven’t done any damage as of yet. I’m so glad because I plan on using this on any and all of our outings!
 The plate holders, and cup holders are dishwasher-safe. The tablecloth is washable and holds up to tough stains (trust me, the kids tested this very well) The items included are made from biodegradable materials which makes this entire Six-Pack Eco Friendly!
I encourage you to check out Foods-On website where you may buy the Six-Pack (which I reviewed) or buy items separately. This is a wonderful set to take on with the family’s next outings whether it be a hike, picnic or a simple snack at the park, even a tailgating party if your a sports fan!I’ve packed this up with colds drinks and napkins while we wait to get my oldest child from school. It holds all the kids snacks, their drinks and plenty of napkins to clean up the mess!  An extra bonus, is with each Six-Pack kit, you get your own biodegradable trash bag!
This kit has made any outing easy and fun with a ready to go backpack full of everything we need to set up just about anywhere and enjoy a quick snack, or a sit down meal!
Check out this neat recipe Food’s ON has on their site!
 Homemade Ice Gel recipe!
I’ve made several of these and they fit wonderfully into the bottom of the backpack!
Foods-ON is on Twitter as well, check them out!
 They also made the news!

I hope you all get a chance to enjoy Food’s-On Picnic gear like we have!

*I received FoodsOn Six Pack to provide an honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation, and I was not required to write a positive review. Any opinions expressed are my own.*

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