Fun & Easy Halloween Foods

This week just seems to get crazier with each passing day. From missing homework, to reading drama’s, frantic lost keys, regular destructive messes, spills, drops, falls, and toys stuck in the vacuum yet again. You name it, it’s happened this week. Not to mention nearly losing my voice and chasing one or two, of my kids when they think it’s funny to run the opposite direction of me. If I didn’t silently scream to myself, I’d most likely be ripping my hair out at this point. We’re at the terrible 3’s, 5’s and the Mr 8yr. old, “I’m not listening to you because I’m tough” stage. Not about to forget my littlest one, 18months, is constantly finding new ways to be sneaky. Sometimes I think she’s got some sort of booster on her back, cause she’s there one second and on the table next, or worse, learning to unlock doors!!
   Seriously, I don’t think this week can get any worse, as it’s hit new levels of crazy today. Luckily today was left overs for dinner. I really didn’t have to do much to make anything but still, dinner is a war zone around here. Some days it’s most likely the worst time of the day. Not that I don’t love every second with my kids, (I do, I do, I DO!!)  It’s just some days….ugh, I want a nap, or a cookie. Maybe both!

  On to the easy Fun dinner, we had left over Mummy and Spider dogs, thanks to Pillsbury dough and the ever loved hot dogs. We stopped using the refrigerated biscuits a long time ago as I’m no longer a fan of pre-made, but in times of need (this week was one of them!) They honestly come in handy!

Mummy Dogs and Spider Dogs

  The idea of this is to take the dough, (I used the new small biscuit rounds, and unrolled them). Wrap the dough around the hot dog like a Mummy, and bam, cook it in the oven till it’s golden brown. Cook according to the package.
  When it’s done you take ketchup or mustard, anything else you want and make some eyes.  Last year I made these before we went Trick or Treating, and am very glad I did. We really ate and ran, but it was enough to feed the kids. Serve them with some veggies and dip to make the whole dinner finger food friendly and keep the kids happy!

The Spiders, or as my kids called them. Lumpy Fat bugs, I used the Pik-Nik original Shoestring Potatoes. Just stick them into the cooked dough and it’s as simple as that!

This one is too cute!
I’ll have some more Halloween Treats and ideas coming up !
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  1. Grace

    I'm writing down all the recipes to take with me to my visit with the grand kids. I'm taking my juicer and we are going to make apple juice. I know they will love all the cute foods here.

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