Scarecrow Farmer

Please Welcome Amy To the Blog 🙂 Stay at Home Mom of 2 cuties, she took the time to tell you how to put together a cute little Scarecrow farmer custom for you little one! Thanks again Amy ! -Melanie

Roll in The hay, Make a costume in a day!

If you’re a mom like me, you might find yourself stressing about your children’s costumes for Halloween. Now, I am a bit over the top when it comes to holidays. I like my two boys to have a theme (Yes, I am one of THOSE moms), so I find myself between a rock and hard place sometimes. Like last year when my eldest said he wanted to be a “Scarecrow Farmer”. “Um… son? Care to explain?” He smiled and explained to me that he needed coveralls, a pocket, seeds and hay. “You know Mom, farm stuff for a Scarecrow Farmer”. OK son… let’s see what we can come up with! 

First I had to hunt for overalls. Now this is a bit of a trick because here in Florida, overalls aren’t readily available all year round. Luckily I found a fantastic pair at Target. Bonus to me because they were on clearance for $11! So we started with a plain old pair of overalls. And double bonus, they were those “rugged and worn” looking kind. YES! Looking back, I bet I could have gotten actual used ones for a few bucks at a Goodwill store. Try to keep that in mind.
I came home and looked for things a scarecrow farmer would have on him. I figured hay was a given, seeds, maybe some leaves. He would probably have patches on him from all his working wear and tear, so a few pieces of scrap material would be needed as well. Throw in a Sharpie and a glue gun and we had it! These are all things I have around the house that are part of my seasonal decorating. So the cost of these items were FREE! So far, this costume is only $11!

Cute iron on scarecrow!
I glued on some hay to front and back pockets. A strategically placed tuft of hay here and there were hot glued on to complete the look.
 The best part was that I used REAL pumpkin seeds from our pumpkin that we had carved the night before and real sunflower seeds from a leftover attempt at a garden.
I used the Sharpie to outline the transfers and to add in extra details here and there to the patch work material squares.

 This is the finished product front and back.

What I (and my son) loved most about it, is that it’s totally functional and wearable. He wore it to several parties and it held up during play and trick or treating. 

I hope you enjoy this project as much as we did!

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