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Power up your brain with ThinkSmart games from Mentor InterActive !

 The last few weeks we have been reviewing the thinkSmart Wii game, which is an interactive game that challenges you to use skills and put them to work! Mentor InterActive has come out with different platforms for thinkSmart games including both Wii and Nintendo DS. They have thinkSmart for Kids, as well as for family.
 We reviewed the thinkSmart Wii Family game. It took us a few tries to get the hang of it. There’s several different levels you can set it on as well as categories you can choose from. Whether we wanted to play just memory or logic, we could pick one or all of them to have a mix to play.

thinkSmart Family features:

-Over 8,000 exercises for well toned minds and bodies.
-Individualized coaches who motivate, track progress, and establish a “THINK” quotient to show improvement!
-Customizable avatars, each of which gains access to the “Think Institute” to create a custom, daily plan.
-Up to 16 players can compete in multi-player rivalries, with modes like Tournament, Competition, and Endurance.
-7 different categories: language comprehension, math, memory, logical and three-dimensional reasoning, readiness of mind and physical fitness.
Game details-

Title: THINK Logic Trainer
Publisher: Conspiracy Entertainment Corporation
Rating: Everyone
Content: Alcohol Reference, Mild Language
Platforms: Wii

  This really isn’t for younger kids in my opinion, though they enjoyed watching and got a kick out of trying to repeat some of the exercises, it’s rest is not directed to their level.My youngest kids are 5, 3 and 1yrs.  My  oldest was able to play though and he really got into it!

My Son  loved where you had to change a railroad the correct way in order for a train to reach it’s destination. He enjoyed as where you would be shown a beat on a drum set and had to repeat it.
What he didn’t like was the spelling area. They would show you a word which you needed to memorize, if you picked easy level it was mostly a 4 letter word. You would then have to spell it to move on to the next.

   My son found it very challenging and he got easily discouraged, but no matter what he kept trying. The one thing I possibly don’t like about the thinkSmart Wii family game is that if you make one mistake within the problem solving question you have no chance to correct it. So my Son wasn’t able to fix his spelling errors, he just had to start over sometimes.
   While I played it several times, my youngest kids would bump into me, so I myself made mistakes just by hitting the button by accident.It was a bit frustrating to not be able to re-do something that was an honest mistake.

I loved how between each question or even before they let you answer there was a pause, so it gives you plenty of time to think and get your answer before flashing the question at you or problem you need to solve. I’ve played other games where you have to know the answer right away and gives you very little time to even figure out what you must do. To a child even past 8, it’s frustrating to handle. You don’t want to rush things, that only discourages them. So I liked how my son was able to see the question, or problem and pause, think first and then be able to answer without getting worked up about a time limit. Most of the selections, or areas of study you select give you the option to press the button to “move on” when YOU are ready.

 For example, the spelling section, flashes you a word. You are able to press the button that says you are ready to spell yourself or take another moment to study the word. On harder levels this is very much welcome. For younger kids like my son he took the extra moment before he was ready.
 The harder the level you pick the more you need to think, which is great. I like that it really challenges you in all areas. It gets you to really focus and concentrate as well as use your skills to move forwards in the game. When you finish a section it congratulates you and you can win trophies. It’s always great when a child sees they are rewarded or is shown they’ve done well.
I would recommend this for families of older children, as it won’t be as frustrating to get the hang of it.

 We enjoyed being challenged and look forward to using it some more as well as even trying our hands at the DS platform game.  The thinkSmart series is inventive and gives the whole family challenging games to increase skills in logical thinking, three dimensional perceptions, math, memory, language comprehension and so much more.
 Check out The thinkSmart website, where you can read more about the games they have. You can buy the thinkSmart games at major retailers,,  GameStop, and Toys “R” Us. I hope you get the chance to check them out!

*I was not paid for this post. I received the thinkSmart Wii Family so that I could review them. All opinions are my own!*

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