Time Buddy Review & Giveaway! *Closed*

“Mom, when is dinner?”
“Mom, when is it time to leave yet?”
 “Mom, is an hour up yet?”

As parents we get many more of these questions all about when things happen, or when things end. With four kids I’ve tried to keep my days as structured as possible, knowing that at least this way the kids will get the idea of what usually happens next. There’s still about a dozen (ok so much more) time questions that are thrown at me, and yes it can be very frustrating when it repeats each and every day. Two of my children are in school, meaning we need to get up on time, eat breakfast, clean up and go at a certain time every day. There’s just one thing, kids don’t see or even use time like we do.
Time Buddy is ready to change that!

 The past few weeks I’ve been delighted to review Time Buddy! A wonderful 24-hour clock which is a fun and visual teaching tool that is completely personalized for your little ones.

Time Buddy comes with many different kinds of stickers so you can personalize it to your daily schedule. We put the numbers on ours to try and get my 3yr old to start reading the clock by the hour. Since it’s a 24 hour clock it even has the time space for sleeping.

 In the time we started using it, right away one thing was apparent, they enjoyed being able to tell ME what time it was instead of the other way around. By placing stickers at each time we normally do things, the youngest ones can check it real quick and know they either need to get ready to leave by getting shoes, or it’s ready to clean up the crayons from the table to eat. Time management is an important skill to learn, it’s just not always easy. The earlier it’s learned, the better chance your children will grow in the habit of keeping it while they grow up!
  While using Time Buddy, the kids have learned what is expected at certain times of the day. It’s hard for some kids to get a handle on time, but with Time Buddy it’s become an excellent time management aid for everyone! My 3yr old has picked it up so fast she’s breaking out the crayons or setting her shoes aside ready and excited to be on time! She has gained some independence being able to tell what’s coming next instead of depending on me to tell her. She even has more confidence that she’s being responsible with her own time.

I’m very excited to be able to offer you all the opportunity to win yourself a Time Buddy to use in your house with your little ones! It’s a fun interactive way to get your kids in tune with time as well as daily scheduling!

Time Buddy Giveaway Rules
*Please leave your email so I may contact you if you are the winner!  Winner will have 48hrs to response before another winner is picked. Giveaway will start Oct. 8th and end on  Oct. 2oth at 10PST **

You can buy Time Buddy at their website here.For my wonderful readers you can use a Promotional code ( Mpb145blog )  for free shipping that will expire Oct. 31st, so if you can’t wait to see if you won the giveaway you can always buy one to start using!

Get kids to use and better manage their time with Time Buddy !! Visit their Website, as well as look for the “Ask the Expert” on FB, where you will have a chance to ask questions about Time Buddy and more Time management ideas to use!

*I received TimeBuddy to provide an honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation, and I was not required to write a positive review. Any opinions expressed are my own.*

Congragulations to Angie, with the winner comment #3 picked by Random.org.

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