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I remember tea sets being something I’d usually race to play with at either of my grandparents house. I wasn’t much into dolls, but for some reason I loved playing with tea sets. One grandmother had a green glass set that my sister and I played with, while the other grandmother had a box full of these wonderful tin sets we’d play with. I don’t know why, but we played with them underneath the dinning room table. It’s funny now, I can imagine sitting there watching every ones feet go by while we played, even though it seems funny, there was many hours spent with those tea sets. I was lucky to get one place setting of the green tea set as well, but it was broken in a move a few years back. Memories though never die, I remember the hours of fun I had with my sister at both houses and miss it.
   Even though I miss it, I get to enjoy watching my own girls play as well as enjoy the same memories I had as a child. I love being able to pass some things along to the kids, and I was happy to come across something that brought many wonderful memories back with a set of rag dolls and a tea set. Now is your chance to do the same with your children!

  Kathy and Janet Lennon, of the Lennon Sisters have made the memory of their lifelong friendship and love of a handmade rag dolls into a wonderful product line called “Best Pals”.

The wonderful dolls feel homemade, soft and identical to the set that were given to Kathy and Janet in 1949. The music CD is full of childhood favorites lullabies which have been greatly enjoyed by my girls. The classic tin tea set, make pretend play easy and no worries on them breaking. They bring back many memories for me, tin sets are not easy to find these days, neither are soft crafted rag dolls.
My two older girls, 5 and 3 have played with the tea set and rag dolls for hours it seems, enjoying themselves in their own little world of imagination and I couldn’t have found any other perfect set for them. The Tin Tea set is a complete service for 4, including a sturdy carrying case to keep them all in one place.
There are 6 different styles of dolls, the originals being the Kathy and Janet Doll. Their hair can be re-styled, each doll aslo comes with a beaded “Best Pals” bracelet! On the website you can order different wardrobes for added play as well as some other CD’s full of wonderful songs for your little ones to enjoy!

I’m delighted to be able to offer you the chance to win The Best Pals Gift set for your little one this Holiday season!
 You can buy “Best Pals” products at their wonderful website filled with many fantastic items. You can find them all right here
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*I  was graciously supplied with the items mentioned above from “Best Pals”  to provide an honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation, and I was not required to write a positive review. Any and all opinions expressed are my own.*

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