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It’s Holiday Season, and if your anything like me you are always, always cleaning! This year sparked a new rise of green products, in this house. I’ve gone from changing things completely around when my daughter just can’t due away with skin reactions. The more I change the better it eases at times.
 Still doesn’t change my cleaning habits though, everyday all day long. One minute the room is clean the next it’s a pile of toys or juice and worse, which I just won’t mention.

 I was delighted, no excited to have been given the chance to try out a Green Cleaning kit By Quickie! My favorite part of this kit is this Everything is washable. Ta-Da!! You know how many paper towels a family of 6 can go through? Yeah, it’s alot and I hate knowing just how much of it happens just by cleaning.
  The Green Cleaning Kit was awesome

From the top left, the all purpose microfiber cleaning sponges, the household microfiber cloth multi-pack,the Cookware sponges, and blind duster (the cloth comes off of this as well for easy cleaning) in the middle is the Chenille Dust mitt, then you have the hardwood floor mop as well as the microfiber twist mop.
There’s 4 clothes that each have a different texture that do their own cleaning tricks. Not tricks really, but still, each one of them has a different purpose. Ones for dust and polishing, one for stainless steel,one for kitchen and bath,  and another is for windows or glass surfaces. I even got the kids into the cleaning spree.
 I was surprised it took all the streaks and marks off without anything. Just scrub and it’s gone. For some tough marks though a little water took them right off and no streaks left behind! Windows are hard to clean around kids, you can’t use a chemical spray, as they are always touching it, licking it (gross) and who knows what else. This kit took that problem right out !
The chenille dust mitt is super fun, I’m telling you my kids were eager to clean so I let them have at it. They walked around wiggling the hand duster against things and inspected everything to make sure it did it’s job.
The kitchen sponges are wonderful, I normally hate sponges as they just turn greasy, start to smell and fall apart! What good is that? The Quickie cookware sponges not only hold up to tough messes they are easily tossed into the wash and come out looking like new.You can just wash them in a sink full of hot water even. There’s also all purpose sponges, which can be used for just about anything, I put one in each bathroom. They are super soft, yet tough on anything you throw at it.

The mops, oh my, how I love thee! I’ll admit first off that I used to have one of those wet jet mops that you pull the pad like thing off and toss it. Sure they cleaned, but you need to buy the pads, plus the cleaner just for this one mop. Where’s the win in that? Certainly not any ones wallet.
What happened to using the good old hot soapy water and bucket with a mop? I’ve been converted back to action with the good old ways of moping floors with Quickie. I like it,the twist mop is easy to clean, ring out the water and toss it into the wash.

The  Microfiber hardwood Floor Mop

 The Twist Mop is a breeze and the Hardwood Floor mop is even easier. I don’t have hard wood floors, I have tile in some places and this works wonderfully! You just squirt it till dampened, and wipe away. The cloth comes off easily and can be cleaned and put right back on for next use.
I like using it in the front entry as it’s been rainy mostly here, my kids muddy footprints mark the floor at least 4 times a day. This is an easy clean up and less hassle to grab the twist mop when I just need a quick clean.

 All the Quickie Green cleaning tools have been used as well as washed a couple times, they seem to bounce back to life and I’ve had no trouble with wear and tear yet. Much better than a traditional sponge by a land slide.

The Quickie Green Cleaning Kit is made of Microfiber, which allows to scrub surfaces easier catching more dirt and grime in it’s thicker fibers.

Why not go Green this Holiday Season and take the plunge into an easier and friendly way of cleaning with no chemicals! Toss the paper towels and give Quickie a try, you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be once you try!

Check out the rest of the Microfiber products by Quickie, you can find them at most stores with the cleaning supplies.

*I was graciously supplied with the items mentioned above from Quickie to provide an honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation, and I was not required to write a positive review. Any and all opinions expressed are my own.*

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