Mega Bloks Party!

Mega Bloks rule no matter what the kids are playing. I mean, really the first time we got any Mega Bloks was when my oldest was two. Now three kids later Mega Bloks are still at the top of the play list. They don’t ever seem to lose any interest.

I got to host a Mega Bloks Party Mommy Party and it was a building blast of fun! You can build, crash, build and crash again. I love the there’s vehicles now, even people! Maybe there was before and I missed the, but these are super cute. Boats, trackers, buses, they even come in pink 🙂

Each vehicle opens up with more blocks!
The Play and Go Table is a blast, I thought it was just a table and they’d just build ontop of it. Wrong! It opens up 🙂 The kids figured it out in a flash,
It opens up and hold more blocks! The center star turns to lock the covers (four of them) into place. Not alot of room in there but it’s enough for added play as well as space for blocks being stored. The table legs easily fold down. You just pinch the plastic and your all set. I say Easily because I’ve had “fold & go” tables before, they just don’t fold easily enough. This one does. Easy to store out of the way when not is use.

It’s a fun table! It’s great for toddlers, isn’t too high, isn’t too short either, so I think it’s perfect for 1-3, though I know a few older kids who got just as much fun out of this as the younger ones did. Hours of fun right here, really, they just don’t ever get tired of playing with the Mega Bloks.
The New
Pull Along Musical Pirate Ship
I like the cute little shark, and it can be used with the Mega Bloks, So more building!
  Along with our building bloks we had build a sandwich as well as Cracker Towers to eat.

The kids had a blast, so did the parents. Mega Bloks would be a wonderful gift for your toddlers this Holiday, you can find them pretty much at any toy store, Walmart, Target, has a bunch of Mega Bloks as well. You can find the Play ‘n Go Table, Pull Along Musical Pirate Ship, and some bags of Mega Bloks both primary colors or pink!
Enjoy some building with the kids and watch the hours of fun they can get out of some Mega Bloks!

*I was graciously supplied with the items mentioned above to host a Mega Bloks Party Mommy Party, to provide an honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation, and I was not required to write a positive review. Any and all opinions expressed are my own.*

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  1. Melissa

    My two are also in love with Mega Blocks. They build the strangest things….but have so much fun. You are so right about kids of all ages too….I still like to play with them….ofcourse with my kids though.

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