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Chocolate, it’s a win-win situation no matter what you do with it. I ran across Chocolate Inspirations website and couldn’t stop licking my lips. Really, wow is all I could say.
 Each and every one of their chocolates is eye catching, mouth watering good you just want a taste of them all!
The site offers Vegan chocolates as well, and though I’m not Vegan or have any idea what Vegan Chocolates would taste like….I’m hooked!

This is a variety of samples I was lucky enough to review, some of which were Vegan. There’s something for everyone at Chocolate Inspirations. They have some wonderful gift boxes to choose from for a loved one this Holiday season!
If you don’t like the same old box of mixed Chocolates, I really think you should check out what this website has to offer. Each and everyone of their amazing chocolates is perfection. I dont’ know which one was my favorite, really, each one seemed to say something different with perfection written all over it.
The Fudge Bar, was by far my favorite! OK, maybe the Tiger Butter was the top one, which lasted all of about 2 seconds. It melted in my mouth, seriously! 
This was the one of the Brittles, which I normally do not like, each one has something sprinkled on top of it and it made the chocolate flavor pop in your mouth! They were very good, they won me over so I can no longer say I don’t like Brittles. These tasted nothing like I’ve ever had before!

The top is Coconut Britte, the one in the middle is the Cinnamon Toast Toffee (which really tastes like sweet cinnamon, wonderful!) The the Chocolate Pecan Decadence to the right. On the left there, is the Peanut butter Pillows with Chocolate. The Vegan Chocolates were amazing, 
 This one was Granola Bark with Chocolate, which is Vegan & Dairy Free! The site offers many Vegan chocolates, all very yummy, I couldn’t even tell the difference so they were by far the best chocolates I’ve ever tasted!
One other thing that topped off the best was this
Gourmet Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon Flavor. Oh my! It was So good!
The Specks are the Cinnamon, I thought it would taste differently but it was Delicious! Wonderful treat! After I had a few sips, I spilt it up with more warm milk and gave it to the kids who loved it just as much! Not too rich, but oh so very smooth!

Want to try some new chocolates that will play with your taste buds? Check out Chocolate Inspirations for yourself! They’d make a wonderful gift for anyone this Holiday, be sure to check out their Holiday selection and their Vegan selection!

****Disclosure-I received the products mentioned above from Chocolate Inspirations, in order to write an honest review. I did not have to write a positive review, No monetary compensation was received for this post. Any and all opinions are and will always be my own. **

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