A Doggie Holiday With Hartz

They bark, they slobber, and protect you with all their might.Why not Treat them to a Pet Holiday with Hartz!

 Our Dogs, the little hunters they are love to chase and play with any critter that comes in view,I’ve even found them standing on top of their dog house trying to catch flying birds.
The powerful hunting duo is made up of Spot, the male, who’s quiet, shy and as sweet as ever. Look he’s so happy to see me πŸ™‚

The Female, Baby, is energetic, rowdy, playful and kinda crazy. She’s also a pig if you ask me, you feed her and she acts as if she’s never had a meal before. It’s also kinda funny to watch her pounce on her food bowl as if it’ll run away.

  We got our Purebred Beagles while we only had one child in NC. Since then and moving back to CA, as well as 3 kids later Baby and Spot have made a huge impact on our family. The kids learn the right behavior around dogs, they learn responsible of taking care of them as well as gaining some long lasting friendship!

If you have dogs you know how much they are a part of the family and treat them with special treats once in awhile just like the kids.This season why not treat your pets to a little Holiday for themselves!

Hartz makes that easy with some wonderful gifts and perfect healthy products to keep the family pets happy.

For small, large and all the dogs between they have something for them all. ,
One of my Dogs Favorites is The ChewBones
A new Chew’N Clean Dental Duo bone my Dogs were treated too, removes tartar and helps keep the teeth clean while giving the dogs something new to play with.
A tasty bone with a hard outside and a soft and chewy bacon flavored middle – reduces tartar by 87%. A treat and dental work all in one. They last a long time which is great.
Baby is our little sport dog, she will do all the tricks and loves little toys. This wonderful toy made of twisted rope and a sturdymaterial for the body gives her the most play with the kids. Tug, toss and shake, it’s alot of fun for a dog that loves to tug around.

Don’t forget some treats that pull some double duty themselves. Reducing tartar with some yummy crunch Hartz has some dog biscuits for all dogs!

The Holidays always get busy no matter what you do, it’s busy and can be overwhelming all at once. Don’t forget the ones in the family that can’t speak up and ask for something special themselves this season and grab them something from Hartz.
Easily gotten at your Grocery store and any pet supplies store, they cover the treats, toys , grooming supplies as well as health care like flea dips. I’ve trust Hartz for years with my dogs, and love how they keep coming out with fresh ideas and fun toys that will entertain yet keep my dogs healthy!

Remember when selecting toys, or chew bones to get the correct size for the dogs, and of course as someone who’s had to go searching for my pets when they got loose, keep their ID tags on the collar, as well as all information up to date.

Hartz has a Pet ID Tag Offer, which can be engraved with dog’s name (up to 16 letters), owners name, address and phone number. Visit http://www.hartz.come/ to order yours today!
Enjoy your Holidays with your family and pets this season!

I love their floppy ears πŸ™‚

  **Disclosure-I received the some dog products from Hartz in able to write an honest review. No monetary compensation was received for this post. Any and all opinions are and will always be my own. **

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  1. Shells

    The chew and cleanz are Licorices fav we have stock on them. For some reason they are hard to find by us and only Kmarts carry them we sometimes have to do random kmarts to see who has them in and then by 3 large ones. He chews constantl on these.

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