EZ Sox Review

The cutest socks ever seen! EZ Sox, Training Socks for kids! They are truly adorable. With handles, or loops on the side of the sock for easy pull up it takes the fristration out of young ones dressing themselves.

My youngest 22 months can pull on some socks, but not all, she’ll get toes stuck, or can’t pull them up completely at all. She ends up tossing them around or kicking her feet till the sock is lost. A complete sock meltdown that ends with me chasing her down to get her dressed each morning. It’s not fun, and it’s not something I like to see. Kids take great pride in dressing themselves at certain ages and they gain independence not relying on Mom or Dad to help them. When they reach that stage they have so much confidence nothing can stop them. What happens when they can’t put a sock on though? It’s so frustrating they don’t even try for anything else. Not what parent like to see.
 These EZ Sox pairs, take part of the battle away, giving kids easy Loops to hang on to as they pull them up. My daughter wouldn’t do it though, and I think it was because I had a camera following her. She was in one of those, I’m not cooperating with you today so just leave me be Mom, moods.
 So instead I let my toddler try the socks out!

I didn’t even have to tell her about the loops she just pulled them right on.

Happy Feet 🙂
These are wonderful stocking stuffers for toddlers or even younger kids trying to dress themselves. Making it easier for them to do it themselves giving them confidence, as well as their independence! No more help from Mom or Dad, they can do it on their own with the cute line of EZ Sox!
Check them out at http://www.ezsox.com/

 Easy to get little fingers in the loops, making pulling them up easy. Fun designs as well as soft, the socks come with Non Skid Bottoms which is a bonus if you have wood floors! Check out all the available colors, designes and sizes at http://www.ezsox.com/

Happy Holidays!!

**Disclosure-I received a pair of EZ Sox Socks , in order to write an honest review. I did not have to write a positive review, No monetary compensation was received for this post. Any and all opinions are and will always be my own. **