Fog and Rainbows

I took these pictures a couple weeks ago. Each morning we wake up, hustle into school and all I want to do is stop somewhere to take pictures of the never ending fog. It’s amazing, you’ve got the sun rising above the mountains, and fog weeding throughout the hills . Everywhere you turn around here you’ve got mountains and foggy gleams of light shining through. I didn’t get pictures this morning, it was too misty, but these are close to what was seen this morning just tons more fog 🙂

 Later  on that very week in between all the fog and rain we see this right down our street

I swear it looked like it was going right into our neighbors garage!!
I consider where we live a hot spot for rainbows, every year from about Sept through Feb, there’s non stop rainbows. Double ones a lot as well. We see a lot just from our yard that are always huge and I can’t even fit it into a full frame.  

I love rainbows 🙂
Enjoy your day!