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It’s no secret, I love playing with my food. There’s tons of things you can do whether or not your trying to cheer up kids while their sick, plan a party, host a dinner or just have a little chuckle in your kitchen. I enjoy making things, but my kids ruin my art supplies, they’ve snatched my good drawing paper, broken my art pencils and I have to hide my paints from them as well. What else is a Mom to do?

Play with her food šŸ™‚

We have people over up before Christmas, on, and after so we need stuff out quickly. I keep it simple, Wholly makes it really simple for me to keep my guests happy and yet not have me running around trying to up things together.
 With  spicy Salsa, and Queso, we make some bean dip, Chili Quesadilla’s and lay out some vegetable trays. Since Christmas dinner isn’t like Thanksgiving around here everything is out to do a buffet almost. We make our own sandwiches, enjoy dips, fruit or for the rare treat snack on cookies without anyone nagging on you about it.  I love Wholly Salsa, while yes I can my own, I can never seem to make it as spicy as Wholly’s Hot Salsa.

 It is so yummy! I love things hot, and often end up adding hot sauce to most everything. So this Salsa is perfect for me!  You can add it to simple dishes, chicken or even place it on pizza before baking and it gives it a great little kick!
This year for Christmas I was prepared to make my simple dishes festive, and with Wholly’s Guacamole it made it prefect to make a Christmas tree! The Spicy , has more chunks of peppers and tomatoes so I didn’t have to add that much more to add decoration. The Classic is great, as well, but I needed some added color so the spicy worked perfectly.
Get some Wholly’s Spicy Guacamole

I used a spatula and just spread it into the from.

Cut some carrots into thin slices and arrange them however you like on the tree.Use diced Tomatoes and cut a lemon peel for the star out, or if you can anything to top the tree off. Cut a piece of celery for the tree stump. Lay some chips around it and your all set to go! Simple way to dress up a wonderful tasting Guacamole!
You can see here how to put together some easy Chili Quesadilla’s.
Enjoy Your Holiday and Merry Christmas to you All!!!
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**Disclosure-I received Some Wholly Guacamole Products, from , in order to write an honest review. I did not have to write a positive review, No monetary compensation was received for this post. Any and all opinions are and will always be my own. **

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