He put Ketchup On it..

My Husband asked for beans. I was happy, cause I wanted chili, he said no chili, just beans. Wait, what? No chili? No, he said just beans, no tomatoes . What? I’m just standing there kind of dazed, who doesn’t want chili?! Or who doesn’t want tomatoes? That doesn’t make sense at all!

 Alright so no chili, no tomatoes, even though that just breaks my heart. As I’m flipping through my cookbooks, all I see is canned beans, that come with juice and add tomatoes. Didn’t realize how hard it was to find something without tomatoes suddenly! So the search was on, till I ended up completely dumbfounded as to what he wanted. Beans, nothing else. Well that just doesn’t work!

  I looked at what I had left over, which was little. This was right after Christmas so we had ham, the ham bone, peppers, onions, bread and endless seasonings. Ok he’d get his beans with no tomatoes!  After soaking 2 cups each of Navy Beans and Pinto beans over night I rinsed them tossed them into the slow cooker and chopped up an onion. Big chunks of it, then I diced up the rest. I had some left over chopped pepper along with frozen so that went in there. Tossed in garlic, fresh ground pepper then went at the ham bone with a knife to cut off the left over ham. It all went in there, used some left over chicken broth in there as well.
  There is sat for eight hours, I kept checking on it till the beans were tender, so eight full hours it was. The house smelled wonderful, and It was finally dinner time! The kids, wanted nothing to do with my bean creation, they said, “ewww, it’s not Chili I don’t want it” and begged for cereal….I have such easy kids sometimes! I sat down with some beans , tasted it, needed tweaking of course but for my first try at non chili beans it was pretty good, was so proud of it

Look at my beans

I always do Chili, so it’s just not the same as cooking other kinds of beans. These were my first, they looked pretty to me, all the onions and peppers have faded into tiny specks, even the garlic was no more. All fused together in a lump load of beans.

When my husband finally came home I was armed with a bowl of beans, no tomatoes and he was excited. That’s all he wanted, said it smelled wonderful and sat down to chow down. I turn around and hear a squirting sound that has me cringe and stop dead in my tracks.
After all that work, all the pages I’ve flipped to find something, not anything like chili, just the way he wanted. All that calling around for any Bean recipes to family and friends. All the soaking, cooking time and work I put into those beans!!! What does he do? !
He puts Ketchup on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They never saw it coming…

2 thoughts on “He put Ketchup On it..

  1. Katie

    I've heard of Chili – no beans, but Beans- No Chili is a new one. Looks like they turned out to be delicious, though! I am impressed with your creativity 🙂

  2. Grace

    Hey those look good.
    We are having lentils tomorrow with cabbage and potatoes (with cornbread of course.)
    I wanted to stop by and Wish you the best 2011 possible!
    Happy New Year

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