Heart Of Haiti

The Heart Of Haiti is made up of 350 artists and has already provided benefits for an estimated 4,000 to 5,000 people in the country. Giving artisans the chance to earn life changing income for themselves and their families as well as communities. The idea is to enable artisans to repair homes, pay school fees and feed as well as clothe their families. Not only that the income allows them better nutrition, and improved education and health care.
Most items in the Heart Of Haiti collection range from $20-$60 at Macy’s http://bit.ly/heartofhaiti 

 Check out the wonderful video’s of the artists creating their artwork!

It’s a beautiful collection including 40, made from recycled materials and made by hand by an artist in Haiti, from quilts, metalwork, ceramics, and paintings. The dedication and craftsman is seen in each individual piece a long with the rich culture and amzing artwork that will tell a story.

If you’d like to be a part of something, and give back, I encourage you to check out the amazing hand crafted collection from Macy’s and give a gift that will give back so much more than you can ever imagine.
**Disclosure, I am writing this post to spread the word about Heart of Haiti through a MBC member program in a chance to recieve an Heart of Haiti pendant as a Thank you. Any and all opinions are my own. **