Prima Princessa Presents “The Nutcracker”

This Cute DVD is about 60 minutes long showing England’s most famous Birmingham Royal Ballet performing scenes from The Nutcracker. Throughout the show it breaks up and cuts to the School of American Ballet to show how certain dance moves are made including passé, glissade, sauté, sauté arbaresque, and echappe sauté. With repetition of both the name, and the move, it gives the girls a chance to get up and do it right along with them.

I remember seeing The Nutcracker myself when I was young, every year the school would go to see it perform in the theater. It was nice to be reminded of the great Holiday show as well as introduce my girls to ballet.
Here they are watching it the 3rd time and really trying to dance along with it.

They had such a blast and I’m guessing we’ll be watching it a few more times today!

While Prima Princessa, a cute little yellow winged Ballerina danced across the screen throughout the entire movie, she narrated the scenes of The Nutcracker. Which is great, young kids don’t always get what’s going on in a show like this, it’s just watching,so they were listening to her explain and enjoyed the magic that I once loved as a child myself.  I enjoyed seeing my girls get up and try out the dance moves right along with The Birmingham Royal Ballet. Enjoy the magic filled show with with your own kids, watching toy soldiers, snow fairies and the Sugar Plum fairy right along with Prima Princessa!

If you have nieces, or girls of your own this would be a wonderful gift for them to enjoy. I know I’ve always enjoyed watching it, now my children can enjoy it as well! Even the boys may like it, I caught my older son sneaky a peek but he’ll never admit it. 🙂

 You can check the air dates in your own area to see it on PBS here , or buy it from .
You should also check out Prima Princessa which has some wonderful cute games as well as coloring pages the kids may enjoy.

Have a wonderful Holiday!

**Disclosure-I received the DVD Prima Princessa “The Nutcracker” , in order to write an honest review. I did not have to write a positive review, No monetary compensation was received for this post. Any and all opinions are and will always be my own. **

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  1. Grace

    I think it is always great to expose children to the classics and other forms of dance. I'm sure this is a great dvd.
    Happy holidays to you Mel. Enjoy your holiday

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