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With the busy holiday rush all around us, time seems to slip right away from us. As a Mom of four energetic kids, it goes that much faster as well. There aren’t many times when I can stop and wash someones dirty hands in the middle of the store or even heading over to school.Sometimes the two kids in school are rushing and still eating breakfast but forgot napkins, so it’s messy hands, messy faces. Can’t very well turn back around to wash their faces before class starts, and they don’t enjoy it either. Though I normally always have a tub of baby wipes around, it’s big, it’s bulky and I can’t very well stuff it into my jacket as we’re walking somewhere in a hurry.That’s where QwikShower Wipes  come in handy. Easy to carry, grab and whip out during the hustle and bustle of life any day, they can clean up some sticky faces and get hands clean with little hassle!

The QwikShower Wipes are large (1-”x12“), moist and easily used for any moment to freshen up between grabbing a shower. Convenient, effective, and as well they are environmentally friendly.

I stashed some wipes in the car as well as my jacket pocket, where everything and anything usually always happens with the kids. The wipes came in handy on a few days after it rained and right before school, three of the kids got splashed right in the face with a nice big mud muddle! The QwikShower wipes were large enough to clean the face and even swipe most the mess off their jackets as well. They are soft, and with no sticky feeling on the skin provide a quick way to make a mess disappear.
Stash some wipes in the car, kids lockers at school, take them on trips and even keep them in the office! Put on in each pocket just to have on hand.

 The portable body wipes will keep you and your kids fresh and clean on the go! These would be wonderful in a child’s classroom as they are non-aerosol and skin friendly they can help with all the sticky fingers as well as keep the face clean throughout the day. There’s no over powering smell to it, which is great, I wouldn’t enjoy smelling like anything throughout the day. It’s fresh, and the wipes are moist enough to wipe off even marker off little fingers. Really handy to have around!

Check out QwikShower Wipes website and learn more about the economical and versatile wipes that are easy to have when your on the go!

**Disclosure-I received the some dog products from QwikShower Wipes in able to write an honest review. No monetary compensation was received for this post. Any and all opinions are and will always be my own. **

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