Roman Town

I’m always looking for some educational game that will do more than just glue my child to a computer. Even the short amount of time I give my kids on it, I don’t like most games out there. What is the purpose to blow things up? What’s the deal with not being able to put something educational into it but make it fun at the same time?  It’s not that easy, and even harder to find.

We got to try out  Roman Town, the Premier Archaeology game for Kids, by Dig-it games. My son and his friend were exploring and digging up fossils of all kinds and heading right into history with this game. There’s little puzzle games in it, and some match games that make you think and use your skills.

It’s fun, they had some laughs taking turns and trying to find new items. They kept saying they wanted to dig up a dinosaur like Jurassic park and run their own park, so in more ways than one this fun new game got the boys involved, entertained and they learned some new history at the same time!

Kids went home with Hats, water bottles and some new history adventures!
We had some cheese Chili Quesadilla as well with salsa!
It’s just left over Chili and chedder cheese heated up in a folded tortilla , makes left over day go fast!
If your looking for an easy, fun yet educational game for kids (ages 8 and up are best) Check out Roman Town a new and fun way to learn about Archaeology!
****Disclosure-I received the products mentioned above,  in order to write an honest review. I did not have to write a positive review, No monetary compensation was received for this post. Any and all opinions are and will always be my own. **