SodaStream, a Green way to drink Soda!

I will admit I don’t really allow soda in our house. I never really liked it though I did have some once in awhile, it was always way too sweet and really did nothing at all for me. My husband is also diabetic,which makes soda  a major no-no.  We do keep Ginger Ale in the house when the kids are sick though.It helps settle the stomach but even then, they are not drinking a whole can, which ends up being tossed and thrown out, and that becomes wasteful.
 The store bought diet soda’s aren’t any better due to the things they are made of, which I’ve said before in regular foods out there. Sure they may be sweet and you think their healthy but it’s really not. So with that said, Soda just isn’t something we enjoy.

This all changed though, this past week I’ve had a blast reviewing SodaStream. I was a skeptic,a  really big one when it arrived, it looks fun, has different flavors and even has such a simple usage guide it’s a win-win. There was just one thing, the soda factor. Would it win us over? Is it really better than what is on the shelf’s in stores? Are the flavors just the same and way too sweet with loads of sugar?
Here’s our go at trying SodaStream.
It’s as easy as opening a box. It’s all plastic, and sturdy that fits into a snug part of the counter. You fit the
CO2 cylinder in the back and close it up. The containers, which are BPA free, can be reused for up to three years. Not only are you cutting down on pollution of using plastic liter soda bottles, your using a completely Green Machine. No batteries, no electric. It’s all done by one button to the CO2 cylinder, which as well can be re-used. After it’s full usage, which can make up to 60 liters, is sent back to the manufacture where they will be cleaned, tested and re-filled with beverage grade CO2 naturally drawn from air.
One bottle of flavoring is equal to up to 33 soda cans! One CO2 cylinder, is equal to 60 liters of soda. Think of all that waste with the consumption of regular carbonated drinks, not to even begin to dive into what’s put into the drinks.
The flavors, which SodaStream makes plenty of are made with less sugar , no corn syrup, very low sodium  and no aspartame. You can check out more about the flavors and compare them to the wide stream of sodas on the market 

How does it work?
You fill the bottle with cold tap water and screw it into the front of the SodaStream machine.
You press the button and watch the fizz fly! 3 is enough, but we went for four. The kids got a huge kick out of watching this as well as everyone else. The next step is adding flavor. We used Cranberry Raspberry first
Next we did Lemon Lime!

So yummy 🙂
Since the Lemon Lime went quickly we just had to do another flavor, and that was Root Beer. Which disappeared within 5 minutes of making it. Twice! I was never a fan of Root Beer, ever! I did however like  as a child  that cream stuff my Grandmother always had when we went to her house. Now that was awesome, and this stuff was very close to that! It has just enough flavor with not an ounce of sugary after taste regular sodas always left me with.
 So did Sodastream win us over? Sure did! Though it won’t be an everyday thing, we sure have enjoyed using it and plan on using it when we have company over in the future. It would be a wonderful thing around the Holidays, not only a conversation starter, but have the guests make their own drinks! Mix it up, be creative and enjoy! We plan to for our Christmas Eve gathering.
SodaStream is making it easier, healthier and fully greener to enjoy your favortie carbonated and fizzy drinks right from your own kitchen. An environmental friendly way of enjoying the drinks you love, without the waste. Create your own flavors, control the fizz, and enjoy saving an average (based on a family size of four) 2,000 soda cans and bottles a year!
If your a family that enjoys soda, or sparkling waters I highly recommend looking into buying SodaStream. You can find it at Macy’s, on and of course at Sodastreams website. The average price for a started kit is $99, and considering  it gives you such a wide use of it’s bottles, flavors and No batteries, or outlet needed, this is a fantastic price. Check out the wide variety of the flavors, which include regular flavors, diet flavors, sparkling naturals, My water essential flavors, and even energy flavors which come in sugar free (compared to red bull) .
I hope you get the chance to enjoy SodaStream as we have, make a better choice and smarter one as well by trying out a Earth friendly way of enjoying your soda’s! Try SodaStream today!
**Disclosure-I received the product Sodastream, found at, in order to write an honest review. I did not have to write a positive review, No monetary compensation was received for this post. Any and all opinions are and will always be my own. **