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Tellurian brings you a whole new line of Natural, safe and gentle products to use with your baby. As parents our biggest concern is safety with our children. Jane Leeves and Ron Lewis have brought that with their line of baby products. Using natural ingredients and keeping it as pure as possible they created Tellurian Baby

I was given a mix of Tellurian Baby products and fell in love with them. Not only are they fun to look at, I like how they are easy to use. Sometimes bath time is crazy, alright all the time! The easy dispenser saved me the usually drop, squeeze and dropping bottle again.The first thing I noticed was how well each of the bath products lathered up, yet never stung any eyes. Delicate skin requires some delicate soaps!

The shampoo and body wash are mild, and natural which leaves baby’s skin, hair clean and fresh. They didn’t dry out my kids dry skin either which is another plus.  The 2-1 Shampoo and Body wash can be used on both hair and body, and is tear free as the other bath products.
 Tellurian Offers natural baby products with or without scents, they are calming, gentle and the ones with scents are very mild, never over powering. I loved the oils, they sooth the skin very quickly but don’t leave a greasy feeling afterwards. It’s been getting very cold here lately and with sensitive skins in the house, the oils have come to be very helpful. With just a little calming oil it’s taken the winter dryness out of baby’s skin and kept the natural delicate skin soothed all day long!
The diaper cream was fantastic, easy to apply and didn’t clump either. Diaper cream is one of those things that always gets everywhere sometimes with a squirmy one, this applied easily as well as lasted well during some long sits in a car ride. Soothing and protective of baby skin, the cream is a keeper!
The Lotion was fantastic! It has a very faint scent, soothing yet not overpowering . Tellurian has kept it pure and simple, yet delivers a wonderful product that keeps baby’s skin soft, and moisturized!
You can check out Tellurian’s website for more information as well as the other products. Tellurian was created when Jane and Ron teamed up to create line of natural body care that is both people and Earth friendly. I hope you check out the New baby line and try it out for yourself! You can also check out other Tellurian Naturals products that Mom can use as well!
 This would be a wonderful new gift for any expecting mother and baby to be! 
*I was graciously supplied with the items mentioned above from Tellurian, to provide an honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation, and I was not required to write a positive review. Any and all opinions expressed are my own.* Thank you Tellurian!

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  1. Sydney

    These products are incredible. Me and my daughter used them on my granddaughter and she could not be more happy for bath time after trying this line of products! We LOVE the smell of the lotion and the body wash.

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