Glass Pebble Magnets

This is a super easy craft. My kids for some reason find it a blast to play with anything on the fridge so, the nice cute magnets my husband has picked up for me over the last few years are now either lost or broken. They were all cute crafty little ones too, so that’s what I wanted. Cute and crafty.

All you need is

Glass pebbles
Craft Magnets
Glue – make sure it dries clear

All you need to do is find pictures, spread the glue on the flat part of the  glass pebble, place it over the picture and press. Let it set and dry and then trim the edges up. Either glue or use Self-adhesive magnetic tape. Let it dry and your all set to go!

Easy, simple, the kids can make them as well, be advised it’s not for kids who put things in their mouth of course!
 I made mine out of a garden book 🙂

Made a Tomato one too, can’t forget those!

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  1. Marie

    This is a fun project that I've done with my kids in the past — it's easy but the kids have a blast doing them.

    I'm a new follower from the blog hop.


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