Jump Start Giveaway! **CLOSED**

Several years ago, when my oldest was about 2 we picked up this Jump Start PC game that he loved! We had one for Preschool and K, which was a lot of fun. The best thing was he figured it out without having any real trouble.
  When I look for games for the kids, they need to be educational of course, but they also need to be Kid Friendly. What I mean is, I don’t want to have to stand there telling my kids how to play the game. It’s supposed to be interactive for them, so they can learn. JumpStart makes a lot of these wonderful games, and while a few areas do need a little help from the parents, my kids have been able to start a lot of the games and know what to do without many directions from me. Which brings me to something really exciting that I must share with you!

 JumpStart.com has launched a 3D Virtual World for kids! With many different interactive games to get the kids involved and challenged all at once, JumpStart brings adventure and fun into one place.

 The first thing the kids get to do is build their own person, a Jumpee. It’s too fun, they even get to pick names like “David VolcanoGater”.

The kids got a kick out of those, it’s putting different combinations of words together, and they get to pick which ever is silliest.  I bet my name would have been “Mom SuperWoman”, with a cape, and flying abilities right along with it!

 Once you create your person you get to explore the  The 3d Virtual world! There’s a big map where the kids pick where they want to start, and always directions before you start in the area.
We haven’t even seen half of what the Virtual World has, it’s a lot, which is great. The kids can explore on their own. While your walking around in each area, there’s a guiding voice to tell you what you can do , Select an area or go back.

When your in each world as well if your supposed to do something a “Mission” it was let you know, and even show you before you begin. If ever the child isn’t sure what to do, you click on the a Character and it’ll again tell you what you can do, or what your mission is. I like the way it guides the kids, but it’s also not talking none stop, which in other games is very annoying to listen to.

My kids like all the worlds, I don’t think they have a favorite as they check each one daily. I do like the Science area, it’s got giant ants that are walking around, when you click on it, it’ll give you a fun fact. They also have an Aquarium where you can hatch eggs and feed the fish after it grows. They haven’t gotten big enough to release yet, but it’s fun to see the kids guess what will happen next.
 Future Land is also fun!

There’s so much to explore and so much fun around every corner, I would definitely put my money forwards to any of the JumpStart games in a flash you can check them out all right here.
Here’s some pretty neat screen shots,

This is in Windy Hollows

In Enchanted Sanctuary you can hatch your own dragon!
How cute is that? You have to take care of the dragon too, so it’s really fun for the younger kids. It does take a day though, once you find the hearts, and the egg it says to come back tomorrow to see the hatched Egg. That’s about the only thing my kids didn’t like.
There’s tons of things to do, math games, word games and more. There’s a section for Downloads (with  4 different worlds one each age range, starting at  3  and up to 8yrs of age)  There are additions games, and lessons, to keep all kids entertained. Even if they aren’t old enough to do most other games, JumpStart.com has really made a wonderful 3D Virtual World that is incredibly easy for the kids. My 3yr old has just as much fun simply looking around instead of any of the games.I would highly recommend JumpStart.com and many of their games for the kids, I’ve never been let down since the first time I picked up a game by JumpStart. Kids enjoy some time to play while learning to follow directions, gain more access to areas of games and even learn computer skills.
There’s even a Blog for that parents that keeps tips, and updates to new features or games being added! I love that, I can check out new features,  and some behind the scene details. You can manage account easily in one place, add more kids, even manage the Buddy List, where you can invite your child’s friends to play and explore and learn right along with their teammates!
Now comes the fun Part! You have a chance to win a 3month Free subscription to the Exciting Online World at JumpStart.com
**Giveaway Rules**
Please leave email with one of your entries so you may be contacted if picked as winner.
“Mandatory” 1- Check out the Video I posted (above) from JumpStart.com and tell me what you think about it.  – One Entry 

2. “Like” JumpStart on Facebook (Leave this message on the wall I entered to win the Jumpstart Giveaway , Stop by and enter at http://itsmysideoflife.com/  ) – Two Entries

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This is an amazing chance to win a Subscription to a Fun interactive adventure for your kids. JumpStart really went all out with the Virtual world. The smallest things, have made my kids laugh till they were red in the face, and that’s what I’m after. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing, the picking the names alone cracked them up, and I love that in games. Every aspect to JumpStart is aimed directly to kids, from the amazing colors, the wide variety of things they can do , and all the little things in between.
 Good Luck to you all!!

*Winner will be picked by Randon.org On Jan. 24th. Winner has 24hrs to respond before another winner is picked*
Congrats to GRACE for winning the giveaway!!! 🙂

“Disclosure: I was provided with a JumpStart membership at no cost by Knowledge Adventure in order to test the products’ abilities and give my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.”

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    I watched the video and I'm so glad that educational games are competing with regular video games. The colors and imagination they are using for their games are great
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