Quick Broiled Snack

Ever since I had the Four Cheese Broiled Tomatoes, I have been broiling stuff like crazy. Mostly just cheese on bread for a quick snack, but sandwiches, get the same quick fire up finish as well. I remember buttering up rolls my Mom used to bring home from the deli where she worked, and tossing them under the broiler till they were golden and crispy. Oh my, that was a great snack. I still crave those rolls, but still can’t convince her to ship them out here to CA. I can’t replicate them just yet either. Yet another challenge I will never give up at until I make my own amazing Kaiser roll!
 On to the snack, you can use anything at all you have, doesn’t have to be the same cheese at all. This is all stuff I had on Hand.

 I used left over dinner rolls I made, family recipe of course! (soon to come don’t worry)
 Chopped Sun dried tomatoes
 Minced garlic,
 Chopped chives
 Asiago, Romano & Gruyere cheese

 I buttered the roll topped it with all the good stuff and just broiled till it was melted and golden. May I say, it was lip smacking good. Use what you have on hand, mix it up, slap it on, broil it.
This would make for great Superbowl snacks, easy, frugal if you can make your own rolls and just use what’s on hand.
 Happy Friday Everyone!!!
 Next week I’ll post, Meatballs Cabbage Rolls, Italian Casserole,  Crispy Fish with Lemon Dill, & Pepper Steak wraps. If I can, the Dinner Rolls as well šŸ™‚

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