Stop Reacting and Start Responding™

I got the chance to read a free copy of Stop Reacting and Start Responding™ by Sharon Silver, parenting educator. It’s  a helpful books with 108 ways to deal with different areas with your children. It gives some wonderful tips on responding to different situations. Example instead of avoiding things that upset the kids, Silver gives ideas on how to work with it. I’ll admit that’s something I don’t do, I avoid it to go around the hassle, and a really hard time with one of the kids. It’s always come up “why not deal with it” well, with four kids, that’s not an easy thing to think about. The truth is, my kids need to do it, they need to know they can, and with my help they will succeed. Silver gives excellent tips to help the parents deal with things just like this in her book.
Living My MoMent and Proactive Parenting™ are joining forces to with Sharon Silver and her new book – Stop Reacting and Start Responding™. Silver and Abbey Fatica, owner of Living My MoMent, LLC, will be live on to interact, discuss, and answer any questions with their viewers.

My Side of Life is working with Living My MoMent and Proactive Parenting , the show airs  live on her MomTV show, January 5th, 2011 at 9pm EST.  You can get a copy of the book yourself here

I’ll be posting again on my review of the Book , Stop Reacting and Start Responding™ as well as responses about the MomTV show!

*Disclosurer- I am a participant in a Living My MoMent campaign for Proactive Parenting™ and have received the e-book Stop Reacting and Start Responding™ by Sharon Silver as part of my participation.”
Any and all opinions are and will always be my own. *