Game Day Foods

Keep it simple this weekend, with foods that are finger friendly, nearly hassle free and easy to get ready before the game.

Here’s some of my favorite game day recipes. 


Quick Broiled Snack

My Friend Jolene’s Butter Crusted Chicken you can make a big batch of it and freeze, so all it takes is oven heating on game day.

Spice things up with some hot sauce popcorn, or get sticky with the Gooey ! My Grandmother’s Snack crackers are always out as well as vegetables and some dip. We don’t normally do chips, but I have crackers with my homemade salsa out. My  Thick Fudgy Brownies are great, easy clean up, and simple to make.

There’s alot of other ideas right here on the blog, quick easy and most of all not hard to find the ingredients to make them. Keep things as simple as you can by making food ahead of time. Get the table set the night before if your planning on entertaing guests.  The chili can sit in the slow cooker to stay warm all day, just have bowls plates, silverware and napkins out along with the food and your good to go. Don’t forget drinks for everyone, soda, water, tea. Soda Stream would be perfect for gameday!
I’ll post another great game day recipe tomorrow!