My First Mom Cake

Nearly 9 years of being a Mom, and four kids later yesterday was my first “Mom” Cake. We had a busy weekend, so I really wasn’t going to make my own birthday cake. Was already making dinner, and just too tired to even think about it, but my kids decided not having cake, was not an option.

They picked out a cake and I must say, this was a special treat. My very first cake with “Mom” written on it 🙂 My kids were right, not having cake wasn’t an option!

 We were about to slice it when the kids demanded candles too. You should have seen their faces when I said we didn’t need them. They looked as if I’d taken away “Their” chance at the candles on their own cake.
Once again, my kids were right. I haven’t had candles on a birthday cake since I was a young kid.  It was pretty nice to have a treat just for me glowing and with my name on it that I didn’t have to make!
Just don’t count the candles….

2 thoughts on “My First Mom Cake

  1. Grace

    LOL Melanie,
    You don't have to worry about those candles on that cake until there are more candles than cake. Hope your day was special.

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