Our Stormy Week

We’ve been hit with heavy rain lately, yesterday right in the middle of picking up kids from school we were caught in a sudden hail storm!  Ever see kids run for their lives? We did yesterday. The entire school seemed to just go into a sudden rush, kids darting in different directions, covering their heads till they reached classrooms, while the parents of K kids, that would be me, had to run the long way back to the cars. Ever try running with kids during a hail storm?

Yeah not fun. We made it in one piece though. It lasted about 5 minutes, I had started taking pictures on my phone as the storm was building up fast. Before we even turned around to head back (all of 10minutes) it started to storm right on us. Here are the phone pictures before, then the after of the hail when we got home. crazy, yet I Love weather 🙂

This was the storm coming in from the right, the next picture is another storm that had been building to the left, they met directly over our heads.
We ran for cover just after this was taken,  the clouds swallowed up the entire sun and sky which were a bright blue just minutes ago. These are the hail pictures along with a short video. This is the time of year were we get alot of sudden hail storms, also beautiful rainbow weather. One minute sunny, the next black sky.

 Hey, at least they are watered now 🙂

Don’t you love crazy weather!

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