Stained Glass Hearts

This is a messy craft, as well as one that takes 2 days (or more) to dry and finish. My kids enjoyed the glue part, what child doesn’t? They didn’t however like the waiting part of it. The end results were well waited for though and they have already started new ones.

These “Stained Glass” hearts use
 – Elmer’s Glue
 -White String
 -paper cup
 -wax paper

*You could use glitter too, sprinkle it over the glue after you’ve painted it

For this craft you need to print out these heart templates. Tape it down to the work area and set the wax paper over it. Measure out the string and cut it to each of the heart lengths (measurements are on the heart template) Having four kids, they mixed the strings up pretty fast, so I’d set the strings aside or just do one at a time so they don’t get mixed up.

Dip the string into the  cup with the glue (I put about a tablespoon in there and it was enough,) until it’s all covered , making sure to take off any excess glue.
Lay the strings down on the heart template making sure the ends meet so they join together. Slip the small piece of thread. A few inches is fine, depending on where you plan on hanging it cut it accordingly and slip it under neath the top part of the heart. (if your doing the double heart you only need to place the thread on the bigger heart so it’ll hang)

Let the strings dry for 12hrs. Once they are completely dry you you’ll fill the hearts up with glue. Mix some watercolor paint into the glue, Mixing it well and keep in mind it may dry darker.

Repeat with all the hearts.  Let dry for 24hrs. Once it’s completely set and dry carefully remove it from the wax paper.(I wouldn’t let the kids do this as mine tore one in half by accident)  Trim the string if needed as well as any extra glue that is along the edges. Our tread came off, so I used a bigger peice of string and just taped it on carefully. The kids did a good job 🙂


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