Party Girl!

My Youngest turns 2 today! 

 Hard to believe this was her just two years ago.
Where on earth does the time go? Kids grow up way to fast! I remember cleaning the house for weeks before she was born, picking out a perfect blanket for her, which she still clings to today. The day I went into labor with her I just wanted to go home, then when I did get home all I wanted to do was go back. I came home to 3 kids with pink eye. Fun, oh so much fun with a newborn!
Baby girl had this shrill cry she used to give when ever she woke up. It scared the crap out of me! She didn’t do that at the hospital, she barely made a noise in the hospital. So coming home, and hearing this shrieking coming from her, was not something I was ready for. With three kids ahead of her, you’d think I’d be used to it, but she was unlike any of my other kids. This one sounded as if a cat was dying in our back room, for the first day home I swore there was a cat outside screaming bloody murder. Nope, that was my baby girl. She still screams now, only it’s high pitched, and makes your eyeballs flip around in your head. In other words, nothing has changed as far as that goes. She is the funnest little thing though, she makes the best expressions, says the cutest things and gives “huggies”. Just don’t cross her, or else you’ll end up hearing the screeching sound again.
All my kids have their own personalities and it’s amazing, I love watching them grow up. Each of them have dislikes and likes of course, some make jokes, others just make the funnest faces ever. The one thing they all have in common though , is they give such excellent hugs. How can you resist a hug from a smiling kid? It’s impossible, and I don’t recommend ever trying to ignore those little stretched out arms waiting for a hug.
I’m off to go hug my birthday girl!
Happy Monday everyone!

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