Time to go Fishing- Craft & Game

It’s still raining! The storms just keep on coming, and it’s keeping us stuck inside. It’s not always easy to keep the kids entertained. There’s only so many times you can watch a movie,  and the game Twister starts to end up in fights and crying so I had to figure something out and fast!

I remembered a simple game, one that I played as a kid in Sunday school class. Magnet Fishing ! It would let the kids be creative keep them busy and have some fun, so odds were in my favor! Just as long as they didn’t start using the poles as swords…….

Indoor Fishing the Magnet Fishing Game –

Supplies you need:

Poster board
Wooden dowels for poles
Paper clips
Fish template
Magnets (watch those smaller kiddos with the magnets!)


After printing out the Fish Template, trace it onto some poster board paper and cut out how many fish you want. Have the kids color and design their own fish while you get the poles ready. Tie the string around the end of the dowel, and tie the other end around the magnet (make sure it’ll pick up the paper clip and it’s strong enough or the kids will end up getting frustrated very quickly!)
 Once the kids have finished decorating their fish place the paper clips onto each of the fish.

Your ready to go fishing!

5 thoughts on “Time to go Fishing- Craft & Game

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