Garden Mess

The Garden really isn’t in a mess, it just feels like it.Beans are planted, most the squash and zucchini is planted as well, peas will be planted this week and the next batch of cucumbers will make their way into the garden. This is what my front porch looks like right now, which does look like a mess.

Most the eggshell plants are now in bigger planting pots, which are all coded with toothpicks and stickers. The Tomatoes have the stickers of different kinds so I can tell them apart, same with the peppers. Those are peas in the back, with just a few stranded beans which haven’t been planted just yet.
I have now 8 raspberry plants taking off on the side of the house, so I’m looking forward to those. Strawberries are blooming already, and those are all over the place so we’ll have plenty of berries this year! Everything is kind of all over the place until it’s planted so it feels like a mess. Hopefully by the end of the week I won’t have so much sitting right outside the door, but since the neighbors cat, and the squirrels will ruin these it’s where they will stay until I can get a barrier up and plant them. If only they will just leave my garden alone!!