Weekend Projects

It’s finally finished! Over the weekend the peas went into the ground, along with the poles I made a few weeks ago. Thankfully the neighbors cat (knock on wood) hasn’t gone in there yet. I put up some deer netting, which is flexible and perfect to try and keep things out.

The poles were about 5ft each. My husband put them together for me, you can see how he did it here. Running nylon string from the loops down to the wooden stakes he also made from left over projects I didn’t need to buy a thing at all. The garden box itself was made with 4×4’s he had left over from building his own tool chest (Which was awesome, I’ll have to take a picture of that). From scrap pieces and  my own seeds from last years garden, this project has cost little to nothing.

Happy Peas 🙂

The netting is called DeerX, very flexible, so I just used more wooden stakes and had it running along the outside of the box. If anything it’ll keep my kids out, hopefully the few animals that run through my garden. One of my garden project down, who knows what I’ll come up with next. I keep giving my husband things to do, which brings me to the other weekend project he completed while I finished my own.

 A Lock-box for my son! My Son is always complaining that the three girls are into his things, and he wants to lock them up. Since I can’t just keep them out of his room all together, I thought of a lock box, just something he could keep under his bed and out of the way. My husband made this awesome idea come to life!

Complete with a removable tray and all!

Fits right under the bed 🙂 

I keep trying to get my husband to build a china cabinet , each time he tells me it’s too big of a project, and simply agrees to another project I asked him to build to get out of it.The last time I wanted the Cabinet he agreed to build bookshelves, then another garden container and so many more in between. It keeps going like that,  all in all it’s a win win situation for the both of us 🙂

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