CVS Photo Gifts – Review

A great gift for any Mother is some pictures of their kids! CVS Online Photo center  has a collection of some wonder photo gifts to choose from, most as well can be picked up in store the same day you order! It’s not too late to get something before Mother’s Day, certainly enough time for Father’s Day as well.

I was able to get the Photo Book, Calender and Collage mug (which hasn’t arrived yet, it couldn’t be picked up in store)
   All photo gifts were done within an hour when ordered express. I was able to pick them up at our local store and  was told they can fix anything I didn’t like. That’s awesome customer service right there. I wouldn’t want to take the time putting a gift together and not be happy if it couldn’t be fixed.

The Calender takes your through steps after uploading your pictures. Choose or have the pictures automatically picked for you, you can change the order and layout of most all projects but remember to save as you go along.

This is the Cover
This is what one of the Months look like,I’ll fast forwards to Christmas time 😉 I know it’s a spring picture but I love it so much I want to see it all year round!
The calender turned out great I used the 1 side picture option,  as it gave me more picture room and the “Whimsical Flower” design. It had many pastel colors with cute little curled and wispy flowers , but at the same time not “girl” themed. My son hates when I put together something and there’s too much girl stuff in it, this was perfect. Came together easily and beautifully! I got all my kids recent pictures used for the year!
Calenders start at 11.99
The photo books come in different sizes, I picked a 4×6 one. There’s a protective sheet over the first picture , all the pages are crystal clear and glossy. 
It wasn’t as easy to put together as the Calender only because of the pictures I had. Once you adjust the size, and pick how many pictures you want on each page you can create a unique one of a kind book!  I think these are great for giving to Grandparents as well as any Parents wanting to keep a book of their favorites pictures or an event they want to remember forever!

Photo books start at 5.99

The mug, which I haven’t gotten yet was the College one, where you can pick up to 15 pictures for the 11oz mug. I love photo mugs, I have some already from other places I’ve gotten. Perfect way to capture your kids priceless moment. I enjoy the mugs so I know I will love this one as well. I used only 4 pictures, one of each of the kids. The Collage Mug is 13.99 while the other mugs start at 11.99 . If you have a Tea or Coffee lover in the house, these would be perfect, they come in different sizes as well.

I would love to make more gift and give them out, CVS worked hard and the gifts came out perfectly. Plus when you first sign up you get 25 free prints to use! Who can argue with that?!

Check out your local CVS store to see if they have an in store pick up! Get your gifts the same day you order!
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Don’t forget if you want something the same day to pick up choose ” express pickup ”
Make some memories and share with Mom or Dad!!  Have the kids select the pictures and colors for gifts, to give as well They’d be delighted to make a gift and say they created it!

*Disclosure- I received the mentioned products  from CVS in order to give and write an honest review. No other compensation was given, any and all opinion are my own. *