Holding on to some Hope

Those of you who were following last year know my Persimmons tree fell over during some heavy storms. We had to cut most of it, and we we’re really sure if it would live or not. It buckled under the weight of it’s own fruit and the roots had come up out of the ground partly. After my husband heard enough of my  pleading to help the tree, he finally agreed to try something with it. Though I’m pretty sure he would have just cut the thing in half, haha. It was a lot of work, it really was, the man that helped cut it down even said he wasn’t sure it was worth all the trouble.

 So, with me begging and on his case, hubby grabbed some tools and went to work. He jacked it up, used pulleys and then used some railroad nails to stand it fairly upright. There is sat for about three months just a plain long dead looking thing in our yard.
  Hubby wanted his materials back, and started pulling the nails and brace support, out, while I held my breath. The tree didn’t budge, in fact it didn’t move. Without any support the tree was finally standing up again! So I held on to some more hope, maybe the tree dug it self some new roots, maybe it just needed a long break from growing and snoozed all along. After all it was winter, so who knew what spring would bring! Weeks passed, nothing happened, then spring passed and still nothing. I still held some hope the tree was just waiting for the right moment. Turns out,

Hope grew 🙂