Weekend Recap

Been a busy week and weekend around our house. The storms came in over Friday night, bringing hail, wind more hail and rain. It wasn’t easy to get anything done in the garden, but I did get most plants planted finally.

 My Garden seems to be stopping people during their walks. I’ve had a good handful of people ask what I planted and then they just stare. While I spent all the time worrying about the neighbors cat, the squirrel and trying to make it so the kids won’t trample over it all, I didn’t realize that it came out looking neat at the same time. That wasn’t really what I was aiming for.

It’s hard to get everything into one picture, but I love it. When you step back it looks neat and when you look closer you see the sections of plants. You can click on the pictures for a bigger view.
In front of the first Tomato plants, are the cucumbers, and the squash. Already blossoming and there’s 3 zucchini already growing. I’ll put in the peppers and eggplants later this week, they just aren’t tall enough yet.
The Beans are climbing just as I planned 🙂 Yay!
Peas are climbing as well. It’s been chilly so they aren’t taking off like they normally do. When the heat stays they’ll take off quickly.

New Project was started over the weekend. My husband is building me a Garden bench. after sitting on a kid bench for so long I’ve finally had enough and he offered to build me one 🙂 I cannot wait! It’d be nice to sit outside while the kids play and be able to sit in something that isn’t made for a three year old. 🙂
I’ll post the progress along with the plans for a DIY Bench . Coming up tomorrow is a recycled kids craft so stay tuned!