Weekend Recap- Surprise!!

This year some of my favorite tomato plants were killed due to one of my kids yanking them up out of their little containers. Several of them as well, they had already been squashed as seedlings, the second batch finally made it past a couple inches tall before their life ended. I had no more seeds as I gave them away to a couple friends , and  have never found them in the stores around my area. Last year I harvested the seeds , the year before as well so losing these were frustrating. I thought my Cherry Tomatoes finally came to an end! They were the perfect little tomatoes you could just pop in your mouth. Oh so yummy, full of flavor, I would get hundreds of them all summer and fall long.

Pretty little things aren’t they? These were from my 2009 Garden in which I had tons to harvest for seeds. They became my 2010 garden and, so on for this year, only no more seeds 🙁 Or so I thought!
While working in the garden this weekend, I uncovered a bunch of these little guys. Look in the top right hand corner, that yellow skin is from a cherry tomato that fell and dried on the ground.

The more I looked, the more seedlings were being found near the yellow skins! They were coming up all over the place! 
Between rocks, behind an old stump and even in some roses near the porch steps.
I was excited, totally unbelievably excited to find these! They must have fallen off the plant towards the end of the season or were just missed all together.  I dug a batch of them up, and will see if I can find space for them in the backyard, as the front is full as it is.  If I can save just two plants, there’d be enough to harvest for seeds and save for next years garden. 
 Cherry Tomatoes are rising everywhere! YAY!

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