Spoil Dad -Flex Neck Utility lighter Review

Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter

   I was lucky enough to review a Zippo Flex Neck Utility lighter over the past weeks. The lighter wasn’t much different than any other lighter we use so there honestly wasn’t any difference lighting the charcoal grill which we use it for most often.
   It is wind resistant which this weekend was fairy windy and it held up to that test. My Husband said “It’s just fancier.” when I asked to compare to others he has used. I agree, it’s just fancier, but I do like it. For a couple reasons.
 One reason,  I don’t have to tip my candles to light them, with the flexible neck of the Zippo I can move the felx neck  so I can simply reach up to the ones on my fireplace. I also like even though my husband doesn’t that it’s not as easy to light with one hand. My reasoning behind this is if my kids (though I would never leave it in their reach) got a hold of it, it’s super hard to get lit unless they press two buttons.  (smaller hands means harder to do)
My husband said unless you are in the habit of leaving things like that down within reach you shouldn’t have it to begin with, and second, the adults are the ones to use it, not kids. So in that perspective yes, it’s not as easy to light, but I do like the feature as you just never know. Our other lighters are super easy to light, but they also have a push button, where it slides, it gets stuck once in awhile, which leaves the flame on. The Zippo does not, yet another reason I like the two button feature. There’s also a way to control the flame, you can lower or adjust it to higher for whatever you need.

Would I recommend the ZIppo Flex Neck Utility lighter? Yes, I would. I like it’s design, it’s safety feature and it doesn’t flick out with the slightest of winds (or movements) . You can pick up one yourself at Zippo.com , you’ll find the many different lighters along with the Outdoor line where the Flex Neck Utility lighter is listed at $ 19.95.

Butane Fuel
The lighter does take Butane fuel, which you also need to buy. It does not come full, so you must fill it yourself which is easy to do. The instructions are listed inside the package. You need to check the level by the fuel indicator before each use as well. I’m not sure how long it lasts we’ve only used it a for a short amount of time, so I will follow up! 
Check out Zippo.com and all the other lighters they carry!

**Disclaimer- I was given the mentioned products listed above in order to write an honest review. I didn’t receive any other compensation. Any and all opinions are my own. Thanks Zippo.com! **

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