Weekend Project- Get organized

Before the first day of summer even hits, I’m picking the zucchini daily. Just as the weather finally warms up, there’s an over load , not that I’m complaining one bit. It’s hard to get it all dealt with though sometimes. With the kids, I’ve had to find quick ways to cut my time in half in the kitchen.
 One sure way I’ve found that works every time is pre-assembling whatever it is I’m making. This works well with muffins, any quick breads, even cookies, make sure you label the zip-lock bag or use an index card with the recipe on it.

Take the zip lock bags and fill them with the dry ingredients to the recipe, In this case it was My Zucchini Bread store away from light and make sure they are air tight. I put my smaller bags in a bigger zip-lock bag as I make so much of them I need plenty pre-measured for baking day.
Once the zucchini starts coming in I can easily just toss the mix into the bowl and add my liquids. By doing so, I get up to 4 loaves of bread in the time it takes me to shred the zucchini and crack an egg. In other words, pretty much under 15 minutes. They freeze really well too, so we can enjoy the bread well past the last pick of the season.

My weekend was busy with dealing with Zucchini, eight loaves were made and most were all frozen. By the time the growing season is over I’ll have plenty of bread stocked up, and that ice cream cake I made will be completely gone well before that too. Distracting thing isn’t it? I should go eat that now….