Weekend Project- Liquid Hand Soap

My personal Facebook has been flooded with friends trying out powdered laundry soap. While I have done this for awhile myself it got me thinking of how else you can save by making something yourself. With four kids the laundry does add up, but we get even more dirty hands around here as well, so I looked up hand soap.
  I checked out 10 recipes for hand soap and wanted one that could  be made easily without anything crazy in it. I am very selective of my soaps, as some of my kids react to certain types. Most of the liquid soaps found  in the stores are heavily over scented which is something I do not care for. The other factor is I don’t find liquid hand soaps for sensitive skin either (or at least in my area). Lotions, yes, bar soaps yes, even shower soaps, just not the liquid everyday hand soap.

 The recipes  found had 3 main ingredients in them,  while others had ingredients like honey, added colors, scents and softeners.  Since I don’t want to add coloring, or scents and the bar soap I use softens the water anyways, I cut all of those out. I didn’t want honey either, but do plan on trying it out later on. Using just the base ingredients, I put together my own hand soap. Two batches were made ,  Pictures shown are with  the Dove Pink bar, the one made with Dove Sensitive Skin was white and didn’t really show up too well.

Ingredients for Liquid Hand Soap-

 -1 cup grated bar of soap, any will do, choose your favorite
-2.5 quarts water
-1 tablespoon glycerin

 You will also need :
– pan
-measuring cup
-hand mixer
-container to hold the soap while it cooled (I used 3 quart sized jars)
-soap dispenser (picked mine up at the dollar sotre)

Mix soap, water and glycerin together in a large saucepan over a low heat.
Stir occasionally until the soap has dissolved and it looks smooth. Takes only a few minutes unless you used cold water.

Let the mixture cool overnight until cooled. The mixture should be slightly thick. Blend with a hand mixer till it runs smooth. Store in a seal able jar, or dispenser.
You can even use this as body soap, as all it is liquid bar soap! The Glycerin I used was vegetable based which can already be used on your skin safely. All in all this is a great way to stretch your dollar and the soap. It makes around 2 and a half quarts of soap.

The total cost of making = $ .70 for 2 and a half quarts, OR (  $ .28 per quart or $ .09 per ounce )

( $ .50 cents for a bar of soap , $6.87 for the glycerin which is 16oz <32 tablespoons> 1 tablespoon = .21 cents + the soap .50 = .71 divided by the amount made comes to $ . 28 per quart! )

 How about those numbers?! 🙂
Happy Soap Making!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Project- Liquid Hand Soap

  1. Nancy StylenDecorDeals

    Wow! You are so talented!
    I like how you used Ball jars for your soap! Great idea!

    I'm now happily returning the follow on GFC and Net Blogs!

    Thanks so much for hopping by!

    Have a great week!

  2. Chocolate Drool and Kisses

    where did you get your glycerin? I got 6oz for just over $6 where did you find 16oz for $6? I would love to find some for cheeper! I tried your recipe tonight cant wait to see how it turns out tomorrow!

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