Did you Know Tuesday- Pickle Juice, Grab your pickle juice!

I love pickles! Last years pickles weren’t all that grand,  but I wasn’t about to throw them out! Waste is not an option in this house, it drives me up the wall if something goes to waste. The pickles were used to put into things like salsa, some open face sandwiches, even ontop of pizza. They were more sweet than dill as I wanted but were perfect for potato salads, egg salads and even chicken salad. All the pickles were used, which left the juice. Once again, I hate waste!

Pickle Juice can be used for a lot of things in the kitchen, I make a lot of use for it when I cook fish. Whether I make it into some Tartar sauce, or pour some over the fish itself to give it a tang, I can use it in BBQ sauce as well. Depending on the juice, whether sweet or dill, or in between you would be amazed at how well it fits in some sauces.
 My Favorite new way to use left over pickle juice is with chicken.The juice is great to use for  marinating , and my kids just love it! It’s a sweet tang added to plain chicken. I toss it into the slow cooker pour some of the juice over it. After it cooks, I shred it for some quesadilla, maybe chicken tacos or classic chicken salad for sandwiches. If there’s  left over peppers  I place them in pickle juice to make a mild “Pickled Pepper”, which I just love in a pastrami sandwich! Mmmm

No matter what, the tangy left over juice never goes to waste in this house.   Use it in place of Vinegar in some recipes and see how you like it!

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  1. SocialStudiesSoubrette

    I am going to attempt some pickles this year. Maybe you can share your pickling recipe with us? I love pickle juice as well. My favorite thing to do with it is to make chicken salad. Very yummy!

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